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Richmond Southeast Shoreline Area (RSSA) Community Advisory Group (CAG)  
In June 2005 a community advisory group or CAG was established for the Richmond southeast shoreline area sites undergoing investigation and cleanup activities with Department of Toxics Substances Control (DTSC) regulatory oversight, including the Zeneca site (former Stauffer Chemical Plant), the Richmond Field Station, Marina Bay, BioRad and PG&E.

The make-up and purpose of a RSSA CAG as described in the DTSC CAG Fact Sheet is the following:

"A community advisory group or CAG is a group of volunteer individuals who represent the composition, diversity and interest of the local community. The CAG provides an opportunity for all affected and interested community members to openly learn, discuss and provide advice to DTSC regarding cleanup activities at sites that have DTSC regulatory oversight."

The RFS CAG staff representative is Maggie Lazar. Maggie can be reached by email at mpaul@berkeley.edu or by telephone at (510) 665-3562 .

The CAG meets the second Thursday of each month from , 6:30- 9:00 p.m. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at the Richmond City Council Chambers Temporary CIty Hall (address below).

CAG meetings are held the second Thursday of each month.



The "Multi-purpose room" in the

Downtown Richmond Civic Center

440 Civic Center Plaza (between Nevin and Barrett Streets)

Richmond, CA 94804

Meetings held 6:30- 9:00 p.m



For more information about the Community Advisory Group (CAG) or other public participation activities, please contact one of the following DTSC individuals:

Lynn Nakashima at DTSC 510-540-3839.


CAG Documents  
DTSC Community Advisory Group Fact Sheet June 2005  
CAG Draft Minutes  

2009 April [203 KB Word File]
2009 March [242 KB Word File]
2009 February [161 KB Word File]
2009 January
[161 KB Word File]

2008 December [210 KB Word File]
2008 November [172 KB word file]
2008 October [191 KB word file]
2008 September [183 KB word file]
2008 August [194 KB word file]
2008 July [180 KB word file]
2008 June [172 KB word file]
2008 May [166 KB word file]
2008 April [191 KB word file]
2008 March [175 KB word file]
2008 February [186 KB word file]
2008 January [185 KB word file]

2007 December
[156 KB word file]
2007 November [170 KB word file]
2007 October [ 181 KB word file]
2007 September [205 KB word file]
2007 August [151 KB word file]
2007 July [149 KB word file]
2007 June [174 KB word file]
2007 May- no meeting minutes were taken May 2007
2007 April [174 KB word file]
2007 March [189 KB word file]
2007 February [170 KB word file]
2007 January [164 KB word file]

2006 November [185 KB word file]
2006 October [171 KB word file]
2006 September [77 KB word file]
2006 August [44 KB word file]
2006 July [62 KB word file]
2006 June [78 KB word file]
2006 May [93 KB word file]
2006 April [65 KB word file]
2006 March [43 KB word file]
2006 February [53 KB word file]
2006 January [60 KB word file]

For more information on the CAG, go to the DTSC website.  
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