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For Faculty, Staff and Students  
Resources for UC Berkeley Faculty, Staff and Students
The Richmond Field Station community is comprised mostly of UC Berkeley campus faculty, staff and students. Other community members include faculty, staff and students other UC campus, the UC Office of the President, tenants, including the US EPA Region 9 Laboratory staff, and visitors.
This page contains links to resources specifically for UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students. UC staff from other campuses should check with their home department or campus websites for similar information.  

Feral Cat Feeding Prohibition Policy

Due to potential predation of the endangered clapper rail and other wildlife at the RFS by feral cats and other predators that are attracted to cat food left out for feral cats (racoons and skunks), the University prohibits by policy feeding of feral cats and other wildlife at the RFS.

For more information, see the Clapper Rail Conservation Program Prohibition on Feeding Free-Roaming Cats (effective May 2008).

Public Safety and Emergencies  
  • In an emergency dial 911 or for UCPD (510) 642-3333
  • UC Police Department Non-life Threatening Emergency Number (510) 642-6760
  • Richmond Fire Dispatcher (510) 233-5223
Health, Safety, and Environmental Information  
  • Office of Environment, Health & Safety:  
    For information on occupational health and safety, indoor and outdoor air monitoring, fire prevention, hazardous materials management and environmental protection. Call (510) 642-3073.
  • Call (510) 642-6891 to schedule an appointment.
    UHS Occupational Health Providers are familiar with the campus and its field stations and can help answer questions, provide additional information and coordinate a medical evaluation as warranted.
  • If University Health Services (UHS) serves as your primary health care provider, make an appointment for an evaluation:
    - Students: Call (510) 642-2000 to schedule an appointment.
    - UHS Health Net patients: Call (510) 642-1976 for an appointment.
  As always, if you experience symptoms of an acute medical emergency e.g., chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting or severe dizziness, you should call 911. The responders will transport you to an appropriate facility.  
  "Working at the Richmond Field Station" powerpoint training module download [34 MB ppt file]  
Human Resources  
  Office of Human Resources
Theresa McLemore, Senior Personnel Analyst, (510) 643-8718, tmclemor@berkeley.edu
Vicki Oppenheim, Employee Relations Specialist, (510) 643-5463, vickio@berkeley.edu
RFS Facilities Management  
  RFS Superintendent Justin Cocke (510) 220-2712  

RFS General number (510) 665-3401

RFS Facilities Manager Kathryn Hetzner (510) 665-3507

  Projects Proposed at Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay CEQA Questionnaire [1.8 MB Word Doc]  
  Job Safety Analysis - Hand Tool Excavation (August 2006 update) [148 KB pdf file]  
  Job Safety Analysis - Excavation Using Backhoe or Similar Equipment (August 2006 update) [151 KB pdf file]  
  Job Safety Analysis - Tidal Marsh Planting , Weeding, Sampling, and Marine Debris Removal (February 2016 update) [120 KB pdf file]  
  May 14, 2009 DTSC Human Health Risk Evaluation for Marsh Volunteers [484 KB pdf file]  
  May 2016 DTSC Meeker Slough Risk Assessment from May 2016 DTSC update [40 KB pdf file]  
  Best Management Practices for Disturbance of Soils Containing Pyrite Cinder Fill, EH&S January 2007 [186 KB pdf file]  
  Contractor Specifications for Soil, Groundwater, and Geotechnical Borings 6/23/17 updated [20 KB pdf file]  
  February 23, 2009 letter from City of Berkeley to UC Berkeley describing borings and groundwater wells permitting authority (equivalent to Contra Costa County authority) [434 KB pdf]  
  Imported Soils Sampling Requirements for BGC [23 KB pdf file]  
       DTSC Information Adivsory Clean Imported Fill Material Oct. 2001  
  UC Berkeley Water Discharge Form (link to EH&S website)  
  Hach Total Chlorine DPD Foil Pillows MSDS  

Contractor Health and Safety Specifications for ground disturbance at the RFS  (pdf file)

RFS Contractor Notification and Specification Language

(March 11, 2015 update)


The Richmond Field Station Site (RFS) portion of the Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay (BGC) is currently under a Site Investigation and Remediation Order from the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).  UC Berkeley is continuing to investigate and clean up portions of the RFS that have been affected by historical industrial operations at the site and at adjacent properties. Chemicals that may be encountered in soils at the RFS include metals and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).  It is important to follow established procedures if soil disturbance is planned to ensure RFS community and worker safety and to avoid disturbing sensitive wildlife. 


General Contractor and Community Requirements

All persons who work at the RFS are required to view the Working at the Richmond Field Station powerpoint training. This is available for download and viewing at the RFS Environmental Website at http://rfs-env.berkeley.edu/about.html. Alternatively, a live training session can be scheduled with the campus Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S).


Due to the unique environmental conditions at the Richmond Field Station, prior approval is required for any activities that:


•             disturb sensitive habitats or endanger the California Ridgway’s rail (formerly called the California clapper rail,


•             release emissions of material (dust, smoke, chemicals, etc.) into the air or water,


•             involve digging in upland soils or marsh sediments,


•             involve planting of vegetation,


•             include collecting plants or animals. It is prohibited to collect and eat any fruit or other plant material including wild berries, apples and prickly pear fruit.


Persons who disturb soil must first obtain approval through Richmond Field Station Operations by contacting Scott Shackleton at scotts@berkeley.edu and require special training and precautions from  EH&S. 





How to Report Concerns  
  Staff at the RFS are welcome to voice concerns or ask questions at any time regarding the remediation and restoration projects. Employees are encouraged to discuss matters of concern with their supervisors and managers or other University representatives. No employee will be subject to reprisals for doing so. If you believe that reprisals are taking place against you for expressing your concerns regarding these issues you can contact Campus Human Resources at (510) 643-3577 or your union.
  Staff Ombud Office
An additional confidential resource available to staff is the Staff Ombuds Office (510-642-7823, http://stfombuds.berkeley.edu/).The Staff Ombuds Office is a confidential, informal, impartial, and non-adversarial alternative for the resolution of work-related problems and conflicts. Once an employee initiates a formal process, we no longer participate. For more information, see the Staff Ombuds Office Frequenlty asked questions at: http://stfombuds.berkeley.edu/FAQ.html
  Whistleblower Protection Act
In addition, UC would like to remind its employees of their rights under the California Whistleblower Protection Act. More information regarding the protections afforded employees by this act can be found online at https://mossberg.berkeley.edu/CALmessages/display_message.asp?d=7/8/2004&s=100.
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