Construction resumes at Campus Bay to complete Habitat Area 2 Remediation

September 6, 2019

Beginning the week of September 30th Arcadis will resume final remediation construction activities for the Campus Bay Habitat Area 2 (HA-2) remediation project. Work in HA-2 started in September 2018, and concluded in January 2019. Due to the presence of the Ridgway's rail, construction within a 500 ft buffer of the marsh not allowed during the Ridgway's Rail breeding season, which is defined by February 1 to August 31. 

Work is expected to resume the week of September 30th and will include: 

  • Placement of topsoil, seed, coir mat, and coir logs on portions of the lagoons slope to promote revegetation and stabilize the cap slopes until vegetation is established
  • Other construction punch-list tasks including but not limited to monitoring well repairs, fence repair, replacing pipe seals, and limited work as needed to address stormwater and drainage
  • Planting container plants and willow stakes
  • Installation of the irrigation system for initial watering and maintenance of habitat restoration plantings
  • Reseeding of limited HA-2 areas disturbed by the work and/or lacking vegetation
  • Installation of monitoring wells in the berms and water level gauges in the Lagoons
  • Monitoring and oversight activities

More details are available here: