How to Report Concerns

To report odors, dust or other air quality impacts: 

For other concerns and questions:

Staff at the RFS are welcome to voice concerns or ask questions at any time regarding the remediation and restoration projects. Employees are encouraged to discuss matters of concern with their supervisors and managers or other University representatives. No employee will be subject to reprisals for doing so. If you believe that reprisals are taking place against you for expressing your concerns regarding these issues you can contact Campus Human Resources at (510) 642-7053 or your union.

  • Staff Ombuds Office
    • An additional confidential resource available to staff is the Staff Ombuds Office (510-642-7823).The Staff Ombuds Office is a confidential, informal, impartial, and non-adversarial alternative for the resolution of work-related problems and conflicts. Once an employee initiates a formal process, we no longer participate.
  • Whistleblower Protection Act
    • In addition, UC would like to remind its employees of their rights under the California Whistleblower Protection Act. More information regarding the protections afforded employees by this act can be found online at