Health, Safety and Environmental Information

UC Berkeley Resources

  • Office of Environment, Health & Safety: For information on occupational health and safety, indoor and outdoor air monitoring, fire prevention, hazardous materials management and environmental protection. Call (510) 642-3073.
  • University Health Services (UHS) Occupational Health Clinic:  For information regarding workplace health concerns, see the University Health Services website.

    • Call (510) 642-6891 to schedule an appointment. UHS Occupational Health Providers are familiar with the campus and its field stations and can help answer questions, provide additional information and coordinate a medical evaluation as warranted.
    • If University Health Services (UHS) serves as your primary health care provider, make an appointment for an evaluation:
      • Students: Call (510) 642-2000 to schedule an appointment.
      • UHS Health Net patients: Call (510) 642-1976 for an appointment.
    • As always, if you experience symptoms of an acute medical emergency e.g., chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting or severe dizziness, you should call 911. The responders will transport you to an appropriate facility.
    • UHS is intended for UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students. UC staff from other campuses should check with their home department or campus websites for similar information.
  • Required online training: Working at the Richmond Field Station