New "Keep Out" Signs Posted

November 17, 2006

The new Site Investigation and Remediation Order recently issued by the Department of Toxic Substances Control requires that the University post signs stating "Caution Hazardous Substances Area Unauthorized Persons Keep Out" in areas where future remediation is going to occur. These signs have been posted in the area of the former mercury fulminate plant (also called Area of Concern 7) that was located to the west of Building 102 at the south end of the RFS site. Additional signs may be placed in other locations in the future. East Bay Regional Park District "Resource Protection Area Keep Out" signs required on the Bay Trail traversing Western Stege Marsh at the south end of the RFS have also been posted. 

These signs do not indicate any changes to site conditions or potential risks to employees . They are being posted to comply with the new Order requirement which will prevent the general public from entering investigation and resource protection areas. As indicated by the signs, only persons authorized to enter these areas may do so. Authorized persons include RFS facilities maintenance staff performing routine grounds maintenance activities and persons traveling through the area to the Building 128 storage facility that have been authorized to access this building. All other activities, must be approved by EH&S and the RFS Superintendent. In order to obtain authorization, please contact RFS Superintendent John Felling (510-665-3402) or Karl Hans at the Office of Environment, Health & Safety (510-643-9574 or 510-665-3603).