RFS Facilities Staff Cleanup Storm Trash from Meeker Slough

February 4, 2008

On January 31, 2008, Facilities Management staff spent an hour and a half collecting debris that had washed and blown on to UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station property along the left bank (east side) of Meeker Slough. Most of the debris was light floatable material such as Styrofoam cups, plastic water bottles and tennis balls. The accumulation was more substantial than during most rainy years due to the January 4, 2008 storm with 50 MPH sustained on-shore winds and a large storm surge associated with a high tide. A volume of approximately 30 bags of waste was removed.

Left Bank Meeker Slough- BEFORE Cleanup

Left Bank Meeker Slough- AFTER Cleanup

Meeker Creek/ Meeker Ditch confluence- BEFORE Cleanup

Meeker Creek/ Meeker Ditch confluence- AFTER Cleanup