Schedule for September Field Activities

August 19, 2015

The State of California Department of Toxic Substances Controls has issued a Work Notice for upcoming work at the Berkeley Global Campus Richmond Field Station property beginning in September 2015. The following work will take place:

  • Mowing and weed abatement along the marsh edge. Post Ridgway's rail breeding season (ending August 31) routine maintenance will commence, including mowing of the Western Transistion Area and removal of pampas grass and some other invasive weeds. Most work will include use of motorized equipment including mowers, chain saws and weed whips.
  • Geophysical survey of the Western Transition Area/Bulb. Surveyors will use magentometers and other metal detecting devices to survey the area. Work will take place after mowing has been completed.
  • Soil sampling - two soil sampling projects are anticipated. One is in the meadow north of the EPA laboratory where ten samples will be collected. The other is adjacent to B163 where one soil sample will be collected in advance of a proposed phytoremediation project.

In addition, removal of the three large piles of clean soil originating from the CRT Project in 2012-13 is being planned and may occur in September. Please check back to this website for updates.