Tsunami Preparedness Week and the Richmond Field Station

March 22, 2016

2011 Tsunami at Emeryville

March 20- 26, 2016 is Tsunami Preparedness Week in California, coordinated by the National Weather Service, NOAA, USGS, Cal OES and other state and federal agencies.

While a significant tsumani event leading to coastal inundation is rare in interior San Francisco Bay, the largest possible event could inundate portions of the Richmond Southeast Shoreline, including the Bay Trail and Western Stege Marsh at the Richmond Field Station. See the coastal inundation map for the Richmond shoreline.

If you frequently use the Bay Trail for recreation, please be aware that a large distant source tsunami or a large earthquake on a local fault could lead to flooding of the Bay Trail and marsh edge of the Richmond Field Station. In the event of a large earthquake head back inland immediately to the developed portions of the RFS or Marina Bay