Title Author Year Publication typesort descending
2019.06.03.UC Berkeley Richmond Field Station Mercury Area Pilot Study DTSC Conditional Approval Letter DTSC 2019 Agency Letter
2019.03.04 Richmond Field Station Draft 2018 Groundwater Sampling Tech Memo DTSC Conditional Approval DTSC 2019 Agency Letter
2009.06.01 DTSC Risk Assesssment for Coastal Cleanup Volunteer in the Meeker Slough Area DTSC 2009 Agency Letter
2007.05.25 Concurrence letter from DTSC on Pyrite Cinder- containing Soils Management Procedures DTSC 2007 Agency Letter
2007.03.15 DTSC Comments to Interim Soil Management Plan DTSC 2007 Agency Letter
2018.08.02 NRLF Phase 4 DTSC approval DTSC 2018 Agency Letter
2018.12.03 NRLF DTSC Results Comments DTSC 2018 Agency Letter
2014.11.13 LBNL SEISMIC DTSC approval DTSC 2014 Agency Letter
2018.09.06 TSCA PCB Risk-based Disposal Approval Application EPA North Meadow - EPA Approval Letter EPA 2018 Agency Letter
2018.03.09 Draft 2017 Groundwater Sampling Results Technical Memorandum DTSC Approval Letter DTSC 2018 Agency Letter
2017.05.24 Sub-Slab Vapor Monitoring, Building 478 DTSC Approval Letter DTSC 2017 Agency Letter
2016.03.28 Proposed Continued Groundwater Monitoring Locations for 2016 DTSC Approval Letter DTSC 2016 Agency Letter
2015.12.29 FINAL Ambient Metals Evaluation Aluminum, Cobalt, Manganese, and Nickel Technical Memorandum DTSC Approval Letter DTSC 2015 Agency Letter
2005.08 Tentative Orders for Zeneca, Inc. and University of California Berkeley Richmond Field Station sites, Richmond, Contra Costa County San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board 2005 Agency Letter
2005.08.19 Purple Ooze Letter Report DTSC 2005 Agency Letter
2005.09.29 DTSC letter DTSC 2005 Agency Letter
2016.11.16 DTSC Approval Letter of Revised Schedule DTSC 2016 Agency Letter
2016.04.22 DTSC Comment Letter on Phase IV Sampling Results Technical Memorandum DTSC 2016 Agency Letter
2015.01.15 Response to Comments for "Monitoring Well Installation Report and Initial Groundwater Sampling Results, Vicinity of the Biologically Active Permeable Barrier" DTSC Approval Letter DTSC 2015 Agency Letter
2009.02.23 Agreement for Permitting of Drilling Activities City of Berkeley 2009 Agency Letter
2007.06.29 DTSC Summary of Violations DTSC 2007 Agency Letter
2007.09.17 Final Memorandum for a Time-Critical Removal Action (TCRA) at the Former Forest Products Laboratory Wood Treatment Laboratory, Approval Letter DTSC 2007 Agency Letter
2007.10.18 DTSC Approval Letter of the Draft Current Conditions Report DTSC 2007 Agency Letter
2019.04.04 Draft Soil Management Plan, Revision 2 Removal Action Workplan, Attachment C - DTSC Comment Letter 2019 Agency Letter
2018.09.27 Phase V Technical Memorandum Western Stege Marsh Approval Letter DTSC 2018 Agency Letter