Working at the RFS Training Module

All staff, students, faculty and tenants are required to complete a brief electronic training about the history of the Richmond Field Station, information about the current remediation and restoration project, and safe work practices required to be followed by all members of the RFS community.  This training should be completed by all new employees within the first week of hire.  The Working at the Richmond Field Station is available for viewing for both UC Berkeley associated community members and non-UC Berkeley tenants or members of other campuses.

Access for UC Berkeley faculty and staff

UC Berkeley faculty and staff can access the training a variety of ways:

  1. You may register for and take the online training module through the UC Learning Center.
  2. If the above link does not work:
    • Connect to the UC Learning Center.
    • Click "Find a Course" and search for Richmond Field Station.
    • Click "Select" from the drop down menu next to "EHS 703 Working at the Richmond Field Station."
    • Click "Start" to launch the training.
  3. If you are unable to access the UC Learning Center:
    • Follow the directions below for non-UC Berkeley affilitated community members.  UC Berkeley students may have trouble accessing the UC Learning Center and should follow the directions below.

Access for Students and Non-UC Berkeley affilitated community members

Download the PDF version and follow the link at the end to take the quiz. Use the confirmation email for any RFS access requirements.